Points of intererest

  • Starting point of the tour, Bologna is one of the most beautiful italian cities. We will see many historical places from the very beginning of our journey.

  • History and mithology merges themselves around this mountain. They will accompany us during the climb and the descent.

  • Venere (latin Venus, Veneris) is one of the best known roman goddess. She is associated with love, beauty and fertility.

  • Ancient roman road (187 a.C). We will have the honor to admire and tread it in four archeological places.

  • Ancient Appennine pass, it houses one of the most famous military cemetery of the World War II.

  • Legends about witches and travelers collide in this place full of mystery and they mix with one of the funniest descent of this part of the Appenine (10 km).

  • Ancient convent of friars, today it offers a spectacular view of Florence and the Mugello valley. Friars produce the "Liquore della Strega" (Witch Liquor).

  • Etruscan city of the IV centuty B.C., it is full of archeological places and it offers one of the most beautiful view on Florence.

  • One of the most beautiful city in the globe. Monuments, museums, bridges, statues are unique in the world.


The Path of the Gods (or the Pad of the Gods for its ancient roadbed) is well known by trekkers around the globe that joins Bologna to Florence, crossing the Appenine. We have traced the Mountain Bike course !!! The name comes probably from the placenames of some mountains, as Venere, Adone and Luario (Lua was the goddess invoked during wars). The roman track uses mainly the ridge of the mountains (useful to spot enemies in advance). Some parts of the track of the Flaminia Minor (the roman military road) are still intact today. We will enjoy them during our journey.


We suggest to book this tour from April to November to make the most from it. Tracks, views, sunshine and colours are spectacular in spring and autumn.

It is possibile to book the tour in winter: in these case we will use many of the variants to avoid snow on the climb and to avoid danger on wet rocks.

Our tour offers additional services that ranges from mechanical support to luggage transfert.

The Team

Nicola Montone

Graduated "Conductor" of the National School of Mountain Bike Masters

Roberto Brunetti

Graduated "Conductor" of the National School of Mountain Bike Masters

Jacopo Marcheselli

Graduated "Conductor" of the National School of Mountain Bike Masters


  • Some of the climb are over 15% of incination and there are some technical passages that require high level skills. We have planned many variant of the track to avoid these kind of difficulties based on the group level.

  • Many breaks will allow us to refresh ourselves, take some photos, relax ourselves and know us better: biking with friends is one the most enjoyable activities.

  • You will need a workout to stay in the saddle a few hours. However, this is not a race: we will have sighseeing speed during the epic journey


Massimiliano Mari

″I took part in the "Path of the Gods in MTB Tour" in July 2013. The journey is simply epic! One of the best tour I took part in. Spectacular views, technical passages (I have tried to avoid easy variants), historical and archeological places as the Flaminia Minor, Fiesole and Florence monuments, friends and amusement. This is one of the experience a biker has to do.

Massimiliano Mari

Luco di Mugello, FI